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The Rhein-Erft area is one of the most enjoyable scenic pleasures to be found in Germany..

Before our very door, so to speak, is the wonderful and breathtaking areas of the Rheintal, the Ahr (famous for it’s wine), the Eifel and the Bergisches Land.
Well worth a visit is the Nature Park Kottenforst-Ville an area covering some 880 sqare kilometers.
Nature and culture pure are an offer to fill a short holiday, and apart from the many castles and great houses, you will find Phantasialand, not very far from the most famous castle of Brühl.
Michael Schumachers indoor cart track and the Ferrari museum of the famous Graf Berghe von Trips are within easy distance from the hotel.
Aachen and Cologne will fill your day if only by visiting the cathedrals of these two great cities.
There ist so much to see in this wonderful area that you will surely wish to return.

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